2019 Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop

January 7, 2019

Call for Proposals

Montreal, Canada, July 15-17, 2019



Organizers: Markus Giesler, York University; Ashlee Humphreys, Northwestern University, and Linda Tuncay Zayer, Loyola University Chicago

Workshop Theme

The QDA Workshop is a biennial event that offers participants hands-on practice in the analysis, interpretation and writing of qualitative consumer research. The Workshop offers thematic work group sessions consisting of small groups of participants and senior mentors designed to attack specific issues such as interpretive problems, moving from data to theory and back again, and moving from findings to theoretical contributions. We intend the term ‘qualitative’ in a broad sense, to include interpretive, ethnographic, videographic, netnographic, semiotic, and phenomenological consumer research. The intention is for participants to propose a project for which they have data in hand that can be shared with mentors in advance, so mentors can have time to consider the types of issues that would be salient to analysis and interpretation. Our target audience mostly consists of doctoral students, who will be given priority, but if space allows, the workshop will welcome junior faculty, with priority given to those who have most recently completed their doctorates.

Benefits for participants

The QDA workshop is a learning event whose goal is to generate intergenerational knowledge transfer from one group of scholars to the other. We therefore expect that participants will improve their skills in the analysis and interpretation of qualitative data; find solutions to specific problems they might be struggling with; forge relationships with other participants and mentors, which will improve access to high-quality feedback in the future; improve the quality of their qualitative consumer research work to allow more successful journal submissions; and improve participants’ ability to network with senior mentors and scholars within the Consumer Culture Theory community.

Submission Deadline:  February 15th, 2019

Submit your proposals by email at QDA2019@gmail.com.

Questions can be directed to Markus Giesler (mgiesler@schulich.yorku.ca), Ashlee Humphreys (a-humphreys@northwestern.edu), and Linda Tuncay Zayer (ltuncay@luc.edu).

(please, do not use the qda email address for questions).

Notification:  March 2019

Submission Requirements: Applicants must have collected a significant amount of data in order to benefit from this workshop and already be in the process of analyzing it. Applicants should submit a 5-page synopsis of one research project. One page should describe the data set and offer specific examples of the data set that the applicant will be able to provide by May 1, 2019. Applicants should also include a copy of their vita. The remainder of the proposal should also address the desired target audience/journal for the research, data collection method, conceptual proposition, theoretical ancestry, anticipated contributions, ideas for the discussion, major challenges encountered during data analysis and interpretation, and aims for the workshop.

On May 1, 2019, all successful applicants will be required to disseminate a portion of their data set (20-25 single-space pages maximum; details will be provided upon acceptance) to faculty mentors. An overview and questions, limited to one paragraph, will accompany the data set.

Organizational Setup: This is a two-day boot camp on data analysis and interpretation before the Consumer Culture Theory Conference. Participants will spend a significant amount of time discussing and analyzing sections of their dataset and relating it to extant theory. We will offer thematic work group sessions consisting of small groups of students and CCT faculty designed to convey particular knowledge and address specific procedural issues in data analysis and research representation. Faculty will be available for additional discussion time in informal contexts. In addition, there will be plenary talks and panels by senior mentors. Information on affordable lodging options will be available shortly.

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