CCT Scholars Online

Visit the Consumer Culture Theory Group on Facebook.


Here is a list of CCT Scholars who maintain their own webpages or online presences.

Zeynep Arsel, Concordia University

Jonathan Bean, Bucknell University

Julien Cayla, Nanyang Technological University

Pierre-Yann Dolbec, Concordia University

Markus Giesler, York University

Ashlee Humphreys, Northwestern University

Rob Kozinets, USC Annenberg

Jeff Murray, University of Arkansas

Joachim Scholz, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Anastasia Thyroff, Clemson University

Ela Veresiu, York University

Henri Weijo, Bentley University

Anastasia Serëgina, Aalto University

Michelle Weinberger, Northwestern University

Detlev Zwick, York University

Avi Shankar, University of Bath


Local CCT initiatives and academic departments.

C4 Chicago Consumer Culture Community, Chicago

The Schulich Marketing Group, Toronto

Nordic CCT Network