Announcement on results of the elections to the Consumer Culture Theory Consortium Board

May 11, 2020

The results of the elections to the Consumer Culture Theory Consortium Board of 2020-2023

The participation rate was very good, with 70% of registered members voting.


The elected board members are:


President-elect: Hope Schau

At Large members of the board: Tonya Bradford, Cristel Russel, Linda Tuncay-Zayer

Asia-Pacific representative on the board: Lauren Gurrieri

European representative on the board: Delphine Dion

Latin American representative on the board: Luciana Walther


Congratulations to all of you – I as in-coming president and Craig Thompson as future-past-president both look very much forward to working with you on this magnificent board.


Furthermore, it should be noted that the elections were very tight, with sometimes very few votes separating the elected from non-elected. So, I would like to direct some thoughts also to those who ran in the elections but did not make it past the post. Your engagement keeps this a vibrant community and we hope to see your ideas and thoughts materialized via proposals that you can submit to the board. This call for proposals of course is extended to all members.


A heartfelt thanks to our outgoing board members for your commitment and engagement during the last three years. A special heartfelt thanks to the outgoing past-president Eileen Fischer, who hereby concludes nine (!) years of service on the CCTC board.


Finally, it should be announced that all proposed by-law changes were also supported.


Søren Askegaard, in-coming president

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