Announcement: The 2019 CCTC Board meeting will take place Wednesday July 17, 2019 1-6PM in the Molson School’s room MB 15.254.

July 10, 2019
The board’s agenda includes: Conference / workshop reports; Treasurer’s report; Levy Award: revision of inclusion rules; Policy on recordings at conferences; CCC conference proceedings; membership drive / soliciting membership; Celebrating retirements / fellows; CCT 2020 elections; CCT European PhD Online program on Methodology; Call for 2021 conference.
Your CCTC Board represents you! You are always welcome to reach out to any of the members of the board with topics or issues that matter to you. Per the CCTC bylaws, any member of the CCT Consortium is welcome to attend the board meeting (If you want to attend, please notify the exec secretary Cristel Antonia Russell ahead of time so we can plan the right space).

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