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Becoming a CCTC member is simple.

CCTC accepts credit card payments from Visa and MasterCard via PayPal.

Membership is valid on the day your membership fee is processed and continues for a full calendar year. For example, if you join on September 15th 2013, your next dues must be paid by September 14th 2014. You will receive a notice via email at least one month prior to the expiration of your membership.

CCTC Member Benefits
Membership in CCTC brings the following benefits:
• Voting rights to elect CCTC board members
• Discounted rates for CCT conferences
• As the CCT website develops, access to a forum for debate, newsletters, sharing teaching resources, etc.

CCTC Membership Annual Cost
• Regular: $100
• Student: $50

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In addition to becoming a member of the CCTC, you can participate in the 3,600+ member Facebook Group, attend a CCT Conference, and participate in a seminar or workshop.