Seminar on Qualitative Methods and Research Design in Lille, France (November 2019)

When: 2019, Monday November, 11th (evening) – Friday November, 15th (afternoon) Lille, France. This is a week-long intensive seminar on qualitative methods and research design for studies adopting a cultural…

Levy Award deadline on April 1st!

Please note that the deadline for the Levy Award is on April 1st. Click here for more details and instructions.

2019 Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop

Call for Proposals QUALITATIVE DATA ANALYSIS WORKSHOP Montreal, Canada, July 15-17, 2019 (Immediately before CONSUMER CULTURE THEORY CONFERENCE)   Organizers: Markus Giesler, York University; Ashlee Humphreys, Northwestern University, and Linda…

Exclusive content: Craig Thompson’s forthcoming article on the Myths and Pitfalls of Big Data (Journal of Marketing Management)

Craig Thompson – Big Data Myth (JMM forthcoming) The “Big Data” Myth and the Pitfalls of “Thick Data” Opportunism: On the Need for a Different Ontology of Markets and Consumption…

Announcement regarding “The Theorization Seminar”

“The Theorization Seminar” (Doctoral Seminar on Consumption, Markets, and Culture Theorization) will be held in Ankara at the Middle East Technical University, June (10-16). More details will be available soon.

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